Gifted Diagnostic

A Gifted Diagnostic session is used to identify the potential abilities of a child applying standardised intelligence tests, which are currently considered the most reliable scientific method for diagnosing ability. From this session a Talent Profile is generated which indicates the distribution of the child’s strengths and difficulties.

The diagnosis does not only look at intellectual ability and potential but also takes personal and environmental factors into account. Basic data on past performance, interests, leisure activities, self-concept, social relations and learning and work habits (etc.) are all used for developing a holistic talent/giftedness diagnosis.

Recognising a child’s special talents is essential for his or her appropriate development and support. In discussions with the child, individual development opportunities based on his or her respective Talent Profile are developed. These can be implemented both in and outside the school environment. A targeted approach is the only way in which to adequately address a child's difficulties and develop the child’s strengths.

Talent Diagnostic Process:

Contact: If you are interested in a Talent Diagnosis you can either contact us via telephone to make an appointment, send a registration form, an anamnesis (medical history) and a completed questionnaire.

Diagnostic Test: In the first session of a Talent Diagnosis you or your child’s personal and medical history as well as learning and work habits are recorded. Personality factors and any special problems you or your child may have are discussed and you or your child are asked to complete an intelligence test. This first session takes approximately four hours.

Evaluation: Once the results have been evaluated, you are invited to a second session to discuss the findings, make recommendations for the promotion and development of your or your child’s talents and clarify any specific issues you may have. This second session takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Expert Report: At the end of the second session you are provided with our report. This document includes a detailed description of our findings with recommendations for the promotion and development of your or your child’s talents.


Contact: Inga Liebert Cop, Dipl.-Psych, Dipl.-Ped. or Beate Moeller, Dipl.-Psych. 
Telephone Consultation: Fridays 09.00-12.00 
Telephone: +49 (0)251 832 9307

Please feel free to call us using the details above, or our secretariat: Birgitt Huesmann & Elke Surmann outside these hours on +49 (0)251 832 9314 or alternatively using the form here.