One must be allowed to develop one’s talents, to allow one’s personality to develop.

The International Centre for Giftedness Research Foundation is a non-profit institution supporting the Gifted and Giftedness Research as well as providing education and training. In particular, it aims at promoting education, science and research and those in need of support. Funding will promote individual talents and children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ learning skills. An important aim of the foundation is to make gifted education accessible to children and young people regardless of their social status or the financial capacity of their families. Furthermore, the Foundation wishes to establish the subjects Giftedness and Talent Research in nurseries, schools and educational institutions. With this goal it seeks to raise the awareness of policymakers and the public for these issues and supports the implementation of thematic conventions and conferences. This purpose is realised through:

  • Cooperation with and between parents, schools, universities and private and public funding agencies
  • Promotion of scientific projects on the study of individual aptitudes and learning skills
  • Individual measures for the diagnosis, counselling and support of talents and learning skills
  • Individual support measures for people with special abilities and / or learning difficulties
  • Education and training of all the learning and development processes involved in the promotion of individual talents and learning skills
  • Support activities to promote individual talents and learning skills of children and adolescents from disadvantaged families

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