When a Talent Diagnostic test has not yet been considered necessary or a test has previously been taken, parents and teachers can request a consultation. If the interview shows that a Talent Diagnostic would be useful, the consultation is considered as an anamnesis (a medical consultation).

In order for the consultation to be effective precise questions need to be formulated. During the consultation we can analyse the factors involved in the problem and together more precisely find solutions. The ICBF’s current research results and practices are incorporated in the consultation.

In advance of your consultation, we would ask that you complete and return our questionnaire, as well as to send the results of any previous testing/tests you or your child may have completed. This procedure allows us to prepare your consultation. The results of your consultation are recorded and we will be happy to make them available to you after the consultation. The consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours.



Contact: Inga Liebert Cop, Dipl.-Psych, Dipl.-Ped. or Beate Möller, Dipl.-Psych. 
Telephone Consultation: Fridays 09.00-12.00
Telephone: +49 (0)251 832 9307

Please feel free to call us using the details above, or our secretariat: Birgitt Huesmann & Elke Surmann outside these hours on +49 (0)251 832 9314 or alternatively using the form here.