Challenge and Support Project

The aim of the Challenge and Support Project (Forder-Förder-Projekt (FFP)) is to challenge students’ talents as well as to develop and explore their interests. The project is offered in three different forms. It was originally developed for students in Primary and Secondary Schools with special talents in the form of the FFP-D (“Revolving Door Model”). This form was then further developed and the FFP-R (Regular Model) and the FFP-A (Advanced Model) were established. The course is run by Teacher Training Students from the University of Muenster.

The FFP-D Project is the Revolving Door Model and is aimed at students in Primary School and the lower grades of Secondary School who are to receive promotion outside the regular school curriculum. They leave lessons for two hours a week to learn and work on the project in small groups. Self-regulated learning strategies are promoted in the project, including information processing and self-control strategies as well as performance motivation. The students choose a topic according to their own interests and write a separate expert paper on this topic. At the end of the project, a presentation is given where their completed work is then presented at a meeting of experts at the Schloss of the University of Muenster.

The FFP-R Project is the Regular Model and offers the possibility of individual promotion for all classes of Primary School and the lower grades of Secondary School. While the children work in small groups in the Revolving Door Model, the Regular Model project is designed for the entire study group. The stages and goals are consistent with those of the Revolving Door Model and the students have the opportunity to present their work in front of their classmates, parents and friends at a closing ceremony at their school.

The FFP-A Project is the Advanced Model and is intended for advanced students in grades 8 and 9 (13-15 years old). The Advanced Model is organised in small groups and takes place outside the regular education system. Again participants develop their own research question according to their personal interests and write their own expert paper. They use strategies of learning through research and apply test forms of scientific work. The students base their work on the typical structure of an inquiry process. They present the results of their work, together with the participants of the Revolving Door Model (FFP-D), at the Schloss of the University of Muenster.

Further information can also be found in the ICBF Guide for the Promotion of Students with Special Talents here.

The programme for the Experts Meeting of can be found here.

Video trailer: The Challenge and Support Project (FFP)- Research in School


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