Parent Training

The Parent Training Course is aimed at parents and caregivers who are responsible for the social and emotional development of gifted and exceptionally gifted children and young people and deals with educational issues. Using the research results and experiences of Prof. James T. Webb the course was developed as part of the German translation of his book; A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children. The participants acquire knowledge in six thematic blocks relating to this development and education and are able to reflect on their own role and parenting behavior. In addition participants acquire the following the knowledge and skills :

  •   The characteristics and needs of (highly) gifted children and young people as well as the important role of parents of (highly) gifted children. 
  •   Particular points or aspects in the interaction with (highly) gifted children and of young people which will assist you in your communication and relationship with them. 
  •   Your own style of communication and the development of a supportive attitude and discussion techniques. 
  •   Motivation models and motivation boosting conditions and how you can manage them. 
  •   Learning and thinking styles of (highly) gifted children. 
  •   The intensity, perfectionism and stress of (highly) gifted children and adolescents and will be able to assist in the development of appropriate coping strategies. 
  •   The benefits and dangers of idealism of gifted learners. 
  •   You be able to reflect upon your (family) relations and  modify them as required.

After completion of the course the participants should be able to optimize their interactions with (highly) gifted children and adolescents, by contributing their newly acquired knowledge and skills essential for a beneficial development (not only) on the social-emotional level. 


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