Talent Research

Talent Research is conducted on the developmental conditions of special talents and the implementation and evaluation of diagnostic tools, counselling approaches and support frameworks for gifted children, adolescents and adults.

  • Exploration in thought processes of and learning strategies for gifted children in interdisciplinary studies
  • Exploration of the development and learning conditions in the context of family, school and peer groups, as well as its supporting role in gifted education
  • Development of theoretical models and the establishment of test procedures for the identification of giftedness
  • Development of differentiated feature models and diagnostic tools for mathematically gifted children
  • Development and testing of a process-oriented support diagnosis for educational use
  • Development and testing of didactic approaches for a talent supportive classroom
  • Development and testing of task arrangements for mathematically gifted children in curricular and extra-curricular support projects
  • Evaluation of projects and programmes for gifted students
  • Academic support and advice for institutions in gifted education (e.g. Neue Schule Wolfsburg)